Hot New Applique Embroidery Design listings!

It is 8 days into January of 2015 and I am already thinking spring!

I have listed several designs on my website that has a 1 week intro prices.  After the week they go back to regular price.


You can always find them on etsy as well!

Some of our new listings!

carrotbunchstitch copyalligatorstitch copy chicktriostitch copy jellybeansstitch copy madigrasstitch copy


Wow where have I been?

Yes, it has been a while since I have blogged!  I am making it one of those New Year’s Resolutions that I blog for my embroidery business more.

I have taken on digitizing embroidery designs full time and it has been almost a full year in doing so!  I have created over 500 embroidery designs in a year……………………..YES you read that right over 500!!!!!  Some come on over and check out what I have been doing to pay the bills….well to pay a few bills but hey I am paying them 😉

Etsy page:

BRAND spanking new website with DOWNLOADABLE designs!!!! Yeah!!!

Clank Clank Clank

No that sound is not coming from my head….however it feels like it!

Whew… machine is running like a crazy women to get these last minute orders out to customers!  It’s 2 am and I am still up working.  Tomorrow is a long day for me at my full time job so I wanted to get as much done today as possible however I still need to be able to function at my job.  I think tomorrow will be a loaded Dr. Pepper day!

I have embroidered some amazing shirts that are going from California to New Jersey!  So much fun to see them come together!

Here are some amazing looking car mats that I have embroidered!


The Holidays are here!

Christmas lights are going up, presents are being wrapped and the smells coming from the kitchen are just mouth watering!

In my world, you hear the rattle of the embroidery machine ting ting ting and beep beep beep either telling me the machine is running at full speed or I need to come and add fabric or more thread.  I love this sound.  To me it means that someone ordered a special gift for their loved ones.  How cool is that?  I remember my Mother sitting at the sewing machine making us clothing but never doll clothes for they were too small for her to work with…or so she said 😉  Nevertheless, I love the last stocking that she made me and hang it every year before she passed away.  

This year the most popular gift have been my Grandma & Grandpa sweatshirts.  There range from having one child to the most I have embroidered is 50 names on a single shirt (grandkids and great grandkids).  These are so much fun for me and customers have loved them when they received them in the mail!  Take a look!Image